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Smart Filter

One of the hardest parts of medical billing is knowing which codes to use for diagnosis and treatment. There are over 70,000 diagnostic codes (ICD-10 codes) and over 8,000 treatment codes (CPT Codes). While SOAPDENT users have access to all the codes, the SOAPDENT Smart Filter simplifies code selection by suggesting codes relevant for the current patient visit. In the picture below, only 190 codes are presented for this patient with a cracked tooth. No other software does this. It's much simpler!



Creating a SOAP note for every patient visit is a time consuming, detail oriented task. It must include the patients subjective information, your objective clinical findings, your assessment(s) and your treatment plans. Each treatment must refer to the specific assessments justifying it. You can spend an hour on one! With one button push, SOAPDENT generates a SOAP note for you based on what you entered in the patient visit record. The SOAP note can be opened with any word processor if you need to edit it further.


CMS-1500 Form

SOAPDENT generates a CMS-1500 form based on the data entered for the patient visit. One click and it's done!


Medical History & Medication History

SOAPDENT has a great time-saving feature. Office staff can press a button and an email asking the patient to complete a medical history form and medication form will be instantly sent. The patient can then click a link in the email and fill in the forms online using their PC, tablet or phone. The process is secure and the forms become part of the patient permanent record and are reflected on the SOAP note. Less work for the staff! 

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