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Dental Tools in Pocket


SOAPDENT was developed to improve the delivery of dental care to patients. The medical community and insurance companies are trending toward a greater understanding that what happens in the mouth impacts the rest of a patient's body. For this reason, many procedures that were once considered strictly dental procedures can now be submitted to the patient's medical insurance for reimbursement.

This benefits both patient and practitioner alike. While dental insurance typically covers $1000-$2000 of a patient's dental bill, medical insurance may cover 80% of a patient's medical bill after meeting a deductible. The result: patients may have lower out-of-pocket costs and practitioners may have increased reimbursements if a procedure is billed to medical insurance. 

Medical billing can be an intimidating endeavor for dentists, however. To bill a procedure to medical insurance, a dentist needs to understand how to file a claim including a SOAP note and CMS-1500 form including the correct diagnostic (ICD-10) codes and procedure (CPT) codes required by insurance companies to be reimbursed. With 70,000 ICD-10 codes and 8000 CPT codes, it's no wonder many dentists conclude the effort is too great and simply continue to submit all claims to dental insurance.

SOAPDENT is designed to help dentists overcome this challenge. You simply fill in online forms describing findings discovered during a patient visit and SOAPDENT suggests assessments and treatments relevant to the findings discovered during the visit. Instead of presenting a list of 70,000 codes, the SOAPDENT Smart Filter presents around 100 relevant codes. This greatly simplifies the task of completing the claim. Once the assessments and treatment plans are completed, the SOAP note and CMS-1500 form are generated automatically, saving hour of work and making it possible to complete claims on the day of service.

Our Team


Sumet Beri, DDS

* 25 years as a dentist and practice owner, utilizing 3D digital technology, intergrative care based on whole health understanding

* Fellowship, Mastership, Diplomate in Oral and Implant Surgery, with numerous additional certifications in advanced surgical techniques, dental procedures and neuropsychiatry.


Sam Vahie, PhD

* 25+ Year of experience in Solutions, Strategy and Marketing across multiple industries

* PhD in Computer Engineering (Concentration: Artificial Intelligence) in 1996


David Altfeder

* 30 years leading software teams to deliver dozens of commercial products

* Founder in 3 successful software startups

* Software running in thousands of banks, hospitals and government facilities

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