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Compelling ROI

The price of a SOAPDENT subscription is easily offset by the revenue resulting from increased medical billing. 


Unique Product

SOAPDENT is an innovative game changer that brings medical billing within reach for thousands of dental practices.


Ease of Use

Medical billing is greatly simplified due to SOAPDENT’s ease of use and high degree of automation.


Smart Filter

SOAPDENT is unique in that it uses a “Smart Filter” (patent pending) to simplify coding by reducing the number of code choices to those relevant for the current patient visit.

• The Smart Filter utilizes a proprietary knowledge base of medical billing rules.
• This makes selection of codes much easier for the practitioner or office staff. Instead of having to choose from a list of 70,000 ICD-10 codes, the user may see 50-100 codes relevant for the current clinical findings.



Once codes are selected, SOAPDENT generates a medical SOAP note automatically, as well as a CMS-1500 form.

• This greatly reduces the paperwork burden on office staff.
• Claims can be generated and filed the same day as treatment.

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